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At Anchor Marine we specialise for those sailing dinghies and smaller yachts. Our many years of expertise will guide you with repairs, safety, performance gear, rope, splicing, re-fits and re-rigs.

After over 60 years at Sandringham, Anchor Marine has scaled to online only. Sadly we find a diminished level of experience in our industry now, so our small team can use the time to utilise our craft, experience and skill.


Online will provide important options to protect you and your dinghy or smaller yacht on the water for maximizing performance and ensuring safety. Our aim is only to provide affordable, durable, reliable, quality fittings, fixtures, and ropes for your boat from the best manufacturers both here in Australia and from around the world.

We also offer the knowledge with requirements for many of the older sailing classes that are currently re-gaining in popularity.


Sailing rope, also known as sailing line or yacht rope, refers to the various types of ropes and lines used in sailing for a variety of purposes. These ropes are made from different materials and are designed to handle specific tasks on a sailboat.

We can assist you with selection as different types of rope are used for specific applications based on their properties so it is important to get the best option for the task.

Email us for free advice on the rope application you seeking.

Rope Splicing

Our rope splicing service aims to work to a weekly schedule.

Purchase before 8 a.m. each Monday for your completed splicing ready for collection before the following Monday.

Email us with your design including measurements and specifications for free consultation and quotation.

PFD Service

PFD/Life Jacket annual certified servicing is available.

Email Us with your details and for Sandringham drop-off information. We will complete and return the following week. Drop off before Monday midday and we will have servicing completed for collection the following Monday after 3pm.

All servicing will be provided with certification to provide your club or insurers.


We believe that safety on the water is the 1st thing that must be considered. Your skill must be assessed and therefore your risk needs to be determined.

Kitting yourself and your boat with the correct safety gear will provide more assurance to your time on the water.

ultra pfd with vintage filter


At Anchor Marine, we understand the importance of quality hardware for dinghies and smaller yachts. From blocks and cleats to shackles, snaps, clips, hooks, and fasteners, we have all the essential components to enhance your sailing experience. 

Sailing hardware can be made up of simple or advanced solutions to make your lines and sails work with adeptness and mastery. From a simple saddle and ring to carbon fiber blocks, there is a solution for all. Minimizing the weight and keeping things compact and efficient is the aim. The use of durable and strong lines has allowed for integrated fittings and hardware to improve efficiency and performance. 


Sailing Repair

Keeping your dinghy or smaller yacht in top condition does require commitment. Things go really wrong really quickly when on the water so maintainence is essential.

Regular exposure to the environment and the water will take its toll on your vessel’s surface, its fittings, fixtures, and sails.

We recommend regular cleaning and polishing, checking for potential fail or fault points and repairing or replacing before things go wrong.

Sailing Accessories & Clothing

Advanced technological options in fabrication, construction, and fit provides optimum durability and function in the most environmentally appropriate way.

The shift from heavy, bulky clothing that limits movement, and access and becomes awkward to pack and store to more universal clothing – items that can be worn year-round using lightweight and comfort layers to provide warmth and skin protection.

This not only provides comfort in movement around the boat when sailing but it also aids safety permitting distinctly more accessibility.

Sail Control

Sail control, also known as sail handling or sail trim, is the process of adjusting the position and shape of sails to optimize performance. Proper sail control is essential for achieving the desired speed, direction, and stability while sailing.

Keep in mind that sail control can vary depending on the type of sailing dinghy or smaller yacht and the specific sails you are using. It’s essential to learn the basics of sail control and, if possible, seek guidance or take sailing lessons to become proficient in handling sails effectively for a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.


Sailing gear bags are designed for storing and transporting sailing equipment and gear.

They come in various shapes and sizes, but they are typically built to be durable and water-resistant to protect your gear from the elements. These bags are essential to keep your equipment organized and easily accessible when heading out on the water.

The gear you need in your bag can vary based on the type of sailing you do, whether it’s recreational, racing, or cruising. Always check the condition of your gear and bag regularly to ensure everything is in working order.


Sailing watches are specialized timepieces designed to assist in various aspects of sailing and racing. These watches are equipped with features and functions that are particularly useful for tracking time, speed, distance, and other relevant data while on the water.

Sailing watches come in various models with different features, so it’s essential to choose one that meets your specific needs as a sailor or racer.

Make sure to practice using your watch before race day to ensure you’re comfortable with its functions and settings.

Sailing XTras

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