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Anchor Marine stocks all the correct safety gear for sailing and boating. Ensure you and your family’s safety with correct fitting Personal Flotation Devices. Fit yourself with the latest bouncy vests for racing. Kit your boat with flares, flotation aids and more.

Wearing the correct personal flotation devices
Neglected boat in need of maintenance

Boat Care

Anchor Marine can assist with high quality boat cleaning and maintenance products to help keep your boat at peak performance. Protect and preserve your deck, hull, rig, sails, interiors, canvas, electrical, engine and bilge systems. Our top quality marine cleaners and soaps, anti-fouling solutions, finishes and repellents, adhesives and glues to keep your boat in top condition.

Boat care and cleaning products

Marine Clothing and Accessories

Anchor Marine offers advanced technological options in fabrication, construction and fit to provide optimum protection for all levels of sailing allowing you to stay focussed on optimum performance or simply comfort. Layer with our technically advanced clothing, footwear and accessories to protect you from wind, water and chill. Shield your skin from the sun, heat and wind with our UV protective clothing, headwear and accessories. Guard your body from the forces of the wind and the water with highly constructed padding and quick drying fabrications.

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map with compass navigation

Navigation and Seamanship

From charts and publications, tidal awareness, boating and sailing rules and regulations, weather reading, anchoring and buoyancy let Anchor Marine point you in the right direction with the correct product, how to read and use this information and advice.

compass instrument for navigation
high quality rope lines for sails

Marine Rope

Anchor Marine can advise you the right rope for the best line for high performance sheet and halyard control, dinghy sheet line as well as anchoring and mooring. We can advise the correct storage and coiling to maintain strength and reliability with emphasis on compression, tension and bending fatigue, creep and exposure to water. You can use our splicing and whipping service to ensure your lines can work efficiently and effectively.

repairing a sail
Mooring your boat safely

Anchoring and Mooring

Your boat will spend much of its time anchored or tied up at the dock or mooring. Anchor Marine can advise the correct boarding ladders, boat hooks, docking lines, fenders and covers, anchor and chain, floats, cleats and fairleads to ensure your boat is safe and secure.

Sailing Hardware

Anchor Marine can assist with all your rigging needs, winches and halyards, shackles and snaps, reefing systems, mast and boom solutions, tension gauges, rudder fittings, blocks and rings, tracks and slides, tiller extensions, deck organisers and whatever else you may need to keep your deck functioning in top condition.

yacht deck showing fittings
cockpit and cabin on boat

Cabin and Cockpit

Provide comfort and refuge below deck with the essentials and luxuries you and your crew deserve. Anchor Marine can provide top quality hinges and hooks to keep everything tucked away securely, easy to use covers, hatches and ventilation options and galley gear and dining accessories to help keep the crew fed and happy.

Marine Fasteners

Corrosion is the enemy of boaters and sailors so it is essential to use marine quality fasteners. Ensuring your boats fittings and fixtures are fastened securely is essential for safety and performance. Anchor Marine stocks premium stainless steel, monel and aluminium screws, bolts, nuts, washers, self tappers and more.

steel fasteners for marine purposes

Marine Plumbing and Pipes

Your plumbing system is only as seaworthy as the hose that connects it. Make sure your pipes and hoses, fuel lines, pressure pumps, bilge pump systems, skin fittings and valves, fresh and waste water solutions and even your manual bailing options are fully operational. Anchor Marine can assist with equipment and maintenance to ensure safety and performance.

bilge water exiting boat
Anchor Marine sells nautical and marine decor, gifts and books

Live the Nautical Life

Continue your life on the water at home or share it with others with nautically themed decor, gifts and books. Anchor Marine offers quality brass ware and traditional maritime instruments. Give a beautiful marine themed coffee table book or nautical curio.

electronic instruments on a boat

Electrical and Electronics

Electronic Instruments are information in today’s boating world. From multi function units ideal for tactical sailing to specific instruments reading boat speed, heading, radar, AIS, GPS, navigation, sonar, auto-pilot, vhf, chart plotters, system’s monitors, wifi, audio, camera, satellite, compass…. Anchor Marine can assist with the correct solution for your needs.

electrics on a boat
dinghy dolly trolley

Boat Trailer

Ready to get the boat into the water… Anchor Marine can assist you to secure your boat to the trailer with safety and ease. Getting you moving on the water either from the ramp or the beach is our aim.

big boat on a trailer

Fishing Hardware

Keep your boat organised with your fishing gear. Anchor Marine can assist you with rod holders, bait boards, tackle boxes and fish finders.

boat travelling to fishing destination
Andy Warner

Andy Warner

...at the Helm

Andy Warner has been active in and out of Anchor Marine for over 35 years.  Andy heads up all operations. Prior to this Andy had studied Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding in the UK and worked in Melbourne and the Pacific  within commercial shipping. Throughout this time he retained a keen interest in recreational boating and with particular involvement in sailing. He was involved with the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria rising to Commodore in 1994/96. Andy was also President of the Boating Industry Association in Victoria 2011 and 2012.
Tim Warner

Tim Warner

...crew member

Tim Warner keeps the backroom moving with all the stuff that needs plugging in. He has been surrounded by everything nautical his whole life so it all comes second nature to him assisting with the thousands of varied product items in store.

Marc Nash

Marc Nash

...crew member

Marc joined Anchor Marine 10 years ago after spending time in Europe around the sailing world. He is an active yachtsman and fisherman around Port Phillip Bay. Marc has extensive electronics and engineering experience and is able to assist with all those difficult problems.