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Life Ring with save me label


Anchor Marine stocks all the correct safety gear for sailing and boating. Ensure you and your family’s safety with correct fitting Personal Flotation Devices. Fit yourself with the latest bouncy vests for racing. Kit your boat with flares, flotation aids and more.

Wearing the correct personal flotation devices
Neglected boat in need of maintenance

Boat Care

Anchor Marine can assist with high quality boat cleaning and maintenance products to help keep your boat at peak performance. Protect and preserve your deck, hull, rig, sails, interiors, canvas, electrical, engine and bilge systems. Our top quality marine cleaners and soaps, anti-fouling solutions, finishes and repellents, adhesives and glues to keep your boat in top condition.

Boat care and cleaning products

Marine Clothing and Accessories

Anchor Marine offers advanced technological options in fabrication, construction and fit to provide optimum protection for all levels of sailing allowing you to stay focussed on optimum performance or simply comfort. Layer with our technically advanced clothing, footwear and accessories to protect you from wind, water and chill. Shield your skin from the sun, heat and wind with our UV protective clothing, headwear and accessories. Guard your body from the forces of the wind and the water with highly constructed padding and quick drying fabrications.

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Navigation and Seamanship

From charts and publications, tidal awareness, boating and sailing rules and regulations, weather reading, anchoring and buoyancy let Anchor Marine point you in the right direction with the correct product, how to read and use this information and advice.

compass instrument for navigation
high quality rope lines for sails

Marine Rope

Anchor Marine can advise you the right rope for the best line for high performance sheet and halyard control, dinghy sheet line as well as anchoring and mooring. We can advise the correct storage and coiling to maintain strength and reliability with emphasis on compression, tension and bending fatigue, creep and exposure to water. You can use our splicing and whipping service to ensure your lines can work efficiently and effectively.

repairing a sail
Mooring your boat safely

Anchoring and Mooring

Your boat will spend much of its time anchored or tied up at the dock or mooring. Anchor Marine can advise the correct boarding ladders, boat hooks, docking lines, fenders and covers, anchor and chain, floats, cleats and fairleads to ensure your boat is safe and secure.

Sailing Hardware

Anchor Marine can assist with all your rigging needs, winches and halyards, shackles and snaps, reefing systems, mast and boom solutions, tension gauges, rudder fittings, blocks and rings, tracks and slides, tiller extensions, deck organisers and whatever else you may need to keep your deck functioning in top condition.

yacht deck showing fittings