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Spinnaker Shackle Guard

$ 19.95

Shackle Guard for spinnaker – 60mm Red

Spinnaker Shackle Guard to protect your sails from wear and abrasion from shackles and fittings. Size outer Ø = 60mm Internal Ø = 12mm. Maximum rope size 10mm. Recommended 4mm to 8mm. Moulded for strength and endurance from tough durability from UV-resistant nylon plastic.  Also known as spinnaker donuts. Essential to prevent snap shackles from jamming in spinnaker pole ends.


  • Protecting the Sail: The shackle guard acts as a barrier, shielding the spinnaker from direct contact with the metal shackle, thus preventing chafing and damage to the sail material.
  • Prolonging the Lifespan of the Sail: By minimizing wear and tear, a shackle guard helps extend the lifespan of the spinnaker, allowing it to remain in good condition for a longer period.
  • Maintaining Performance: A spinnaker in good condition can perform optimally, providing better aerodynamics and speed. Using a shackle guard helps maintain the sail's performance by preserving its integrity.
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs: By preventing damage to the sail, a shackle guard can help reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements, thus saving on maintenance costs over time.