Sailing Dinghies & Smaller Yachts

For those who Do The Fixing & The Sailing

Sailing Sneaker

$ 59.95

Wetsuit Sailing Sneaker

Sailing Sneaker made from neoprene with molded sole and velcro adjustment fit. Designed by Burke Marine for Australian sailing conditions. This sailing sneaker protects the feet on deck from various fittings and will assist with keeping warm with the insulating properties of 4mm neoprene. The molded sole provides excellent grips and toe protection. The velcro strap ensures support adjustment. This sneaker has been designed to fit tightly at the ankle with a fitted band to prevent water intake slosh and improve insulation. The tight fit may require a shoe horn to pull onto your foot to ensure the fit is correct.

If you are unsure of your fit please contact us with your foot length -toe to heel and the circumference of your ankle.

This sneaker is perfect for sailing both dinghies and smaller yachts but it can be used for diving, sailboarding, SUP, and other water activities. Comfortable for walking on sand and safe for boat ramps and rocky shores.