Dinghy Sailing Spray Jacket

$ 99.95

Dinghy Sailing Spray Jacket

Product Information

Burke Dinghy Sailing Jacket with front zipper.

Designed by Burke Marine for Australian sailing conditions where weather can be very changeable on the water.

This dinghy sailing spray jacket is great for sailing as it has a full center front zipper to permit easy removal. Sleeve cuffs are neoprene with velcro bands for tight fitting so it limits wind and water up your sleeve. The jacket hem has a neoprene band with velcro taps to allow adjustment to fit snugly to your hip line and again limit water and wind up your body. The jacket neck collar is polyurethane to block water penetration with a front cross-over tab enabling a tight fit to minimise wind and water access.

The Burke dinghy sailing spray sailing jacket is made from breathable polyurethane waterproof woven fabric that has performed for many sailors for many years. All seams are stitched and melded to ensure waterproofness. The center front zipper locks out water and wind. This sailing jacket has a tummy line side pocket left and right for easy access when wearing a PFD Vest. Both zippers maintain a waterproof seal on the contents in your pockets.

We also like the extremely comfortable shoulder line and armhole fit of this dinghy sailing spray jacket. The shoulder line is extended with a low armhole providing extra fullness across the shoulder blades, underarm, and chest.

Made only in red, this ensures high visibility when on the water.

Whilst this is a very popular choice for dinghy sailing, we also recommend this for smaller yacht sailing -super comfortable, waterproof, easy to undo, smart enough on the dock, and at a great price.

RED only