Gill Eyewear Retainer

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Gill Eyewear Retainer -Silver Grey

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Product Information

Gill Eyewear Retainer

The Gill floating eyewear retainer strap is comfortable, practical, and durable.

It is ideal for active sport on the water when you require vision assistance or sun glare protection.

For extra piece of mind and a secure fit, the retainer strap has been designed to be used with most sports sunglasses that generally have wider arms.

Prescription eyewear often has finer arms so the tube ends require heat shrinkage using steam. This would then require a reversal in operation to remove.


  • 100% Polyester knit tube


  • Flotation: Will keep standard eyewear floating to enable retrieval
  • Durable: Handles sun and saltwater
  • Secure: Securely holds your sunglasses in place, even during fast movements or windy conditions -non-slip easy to slip onto the arms of your glasses.
  • Comfort: Straps sit comfortably on your head and neck, avoiding chafing or irritation.
  • ?Knit polyester tube:?waterproof, with buoyancy
  • Tube ends that can be heat shrank to suit eyewear with wider arms


  • Wash regularly to remove salt and sunblock to maintain usability

Colour: Silver Grey

  • Also available in bright red, black, and neon.