Lifeline Rollers

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LifeLine Rollers

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Product Information

Lifeline rollers

Ronstan lifeline rollers can be used on lifelines, above spreaders, and on the back stays to assist with tacking and prevent sail chafe.

It has a snap-together design that allows fitting to existing rigging.

Ideal for smaller yachts such as trailer yachts.

On Life Lines:

  • Function: Smoothly guides/ rolls over lifelines (safety lines) around the spreader, preventing chafe and wear.
  • Benefits: Increases lifespan of lifelines and enhances safety by ensuring smooth operation.
  • Application: Mounted above the spreader on the mast or shrouds, where lifelines run across.

On Mast Spreaders:

  • Function: Helps maintain the shape of the headsails (front sails) by distributing tension from the forestay and other head stays evenly.
  • Benefits: Improves sail shape and performance, leading to better boat handling and speed.
  • Application: Mounted horizontally between the mast and the shrouds (supporting wires) at the top of the mast.

On Backstays:

  • Function: Reduces friction and wear on the backstay (wire supporting the mast from behind) as it passes around the spreader.
  • Benefits: Extends the life of the backstay and facilitates smoother sail control.
  • Application: Mounted on the backstay where it crosses the spreader, typically on smaller yachts with aft-swept spreaders.

General Rigging Attachment:

  • Function: Provides a secure attachment point for other rigging components like vangs, runners, or halyards depending on the boat's specific design.
  • Benefits: Offers versatility for various rigging configurations and sail control systems.
  • Application: Additional holes on the spreader allow for attaching these components as needed.

Key Features:

  • Molded from impact-resistant, UV-stabilized nylon: Ensures durability and weather resistance in marine environments.
  • Snap-together design: Allows for easy installation and removal without requiring tools.
  • Suitable for trailerable and smaller yachts


  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Slot Width: 5mmm
  • Weight: 38gm
  • Colour: White only
  • Made from UV stabilised nylon plastic