Ronstan Blocks -Series 30 with Becket and Loop Head

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Ronstan Blocks -Series 30

-Loop Head and Becket

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Product Information

Series 30 Block -with Becket and Loop Head

Series 30 Ball Bearing Single Block with Removable Becket and Loop Head

Ideal for spinnakers lines and control lines on smaller yachts

The Ronstan RF30111 block with becket is a versatile fitting used in various sailing applications for controlling lines and redirecting their direction.


  • Fine-tuning sheets: Commonly used for adjusting the angle of sails by controlling the tension on sheets (lines controlling sail trim).
  • Halyard control lines: Can be used on control lines for raising and lowering sails with winches.
  • Vang and runner lines: Used on lines controlling mast bend and sail twist (vang) or boom position (runner).
  • Securing temporary lines: The becket allows the block to be easily attached and detached for temporary rigging or adjustments.
  • Various other applications: Can be used for any situation where you need to change the direction of a line and apply some control over its tension.


  • Versatility: Suitable for various control line applications.
  • Smooth operation: Ball bearings ensure low friction for effortless line movement.
  • Secure attachment: The becket allows for easy and secure attachment to different points.
  • Lightweight: The nylon material keeps the weight minimal.
  • Durable: Built to withstand the harsh marine environment.


  • Single sheave:?This block has one grooved wheel (sheave) that changes the direction of the line by 180 degrees.
  • Ball bearings:?Utilizes low-friction ball bearings for smooth and efficient line movement under load.
  • Removable Becket:?This is a loop attached to the block's side,?allowing you to secure the block to another object,?like the deck or rigging.
  • Sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon? ball bearings provide high performance & low friction.
  • Low friction 2-stage ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full working load range.
  • High static and dynamic load capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Removable Becket
  • Versatile head fittings
  • Cheek cutouts for easy bearing maintenance


  • UV stabilised Acetal sheaves.
  • Acetal ball bearings.
  • Impact-modified, fibre-reinforced and U.V. stabilised Nylon cheeks.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel load straps and head fitting


  • L.: 750kg
  • W.L: 300kg
  • Rope ?: 8mm
  • Weight: 40gm
  • Pin: 4mm