Slotted Pin Shackle

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Slotted Pin Shackle

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Small Shackle with Slotted Pin for Security.

Suits permanent or semi-permanent placement and requires the slotted driver to open and close.

High strength-to-weight ratio.

A shackle with a slotted pin is a type of shackle that has a secure slotted pin that requires a shackle key to open and close.

Slotted pin shackles have a low profile making them easier to use in tight spaces.

Shackles with slotted pins are commonly used in sailing for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Attaching sail clews to boom ends
  • Attaching halyards to mastheads
  • Attaching rigging to deck fittings
  • Connecting two lines

The slotted pin requires a key to open and close to remove the shackle from the object it is attached to.

Here are some tips for using shackles with slotted pins in sailing:

  • Make sure that the shackle is the correct size for the two objects that you want to connect. The shackle should be large enough to fit around the objects comfortably, but not so large that it is loose.
  • Inspect the shackle regularly for signs of wear or damage. Replace any damaged shackles immediately.
  • Do not overtighten the shackle, as this can damage the shackle or the objects that it is connecting.
  • If you are using a narrow shackle with a slotted pin to attach a sail clew to a boom end, make sure that the shackle is positioned so that the sail is correctly aligned with the boom.

Shackles with slotted pins are a versatile and useful tool for sailing. By using shackles with slotted pins, you can make your rigging more efficient and easier to work with, even in tight spaces.

Here are some additional benefits of using narrow shackles with slotted pins in sailing:

  • They can be used in applications where other types of shackles will not fit.
  • They are relatively lightweight and have a low profile, which can help to reduce drag and weight.
  • They are easy to use and maintain.


  • Breaking Load: 1500kg with a low profile to prevent snagging on ropes etc.
  • Made from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel bodies and pins.
  • Great for narrow lines. Ideal for Ø3mm to Ø6mm rope
  • Weight: 10gm


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