ClamCleat -Mini

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ClamCleat -Mini

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Product Information

ClamCleat -Mini

The Clamcleat CL204 is a mini compact cleat that will fit into small spaces.

The rope drops down into the teeth.

It can be fitted to all flat and curved surfaces, using rivets, countersunk (flathead) screws, or bolts.

The CL204 can also be sewn, riveted, or bolted onto webbing or fabric.

Uses include control lines for dinghies, kayaks, canoes, blind cords, and other homemaker requirements.


Technical Details

  • Rope Diameter: 3mm - 6mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Hole Centres: 36mm
  • Length: 52mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Height: 21mm Bolt Size | M4 / 4mm
  • Screw Size: 2mm
  • Weight: 9gms


Read about this use for blinds: greenhouse vents.