Ronstan Fairleads -6mm

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Ronstan Fairlead -6.5mm

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Product Information

Ronstan Fairlead

Fairleads are a simple and economical means of containing, deflecting, or correcting the lead angle of control lines.

  • This fairlead has stainless steel liners that provide greater abrasion resistance from lines under load
  • Fairleads redirect lines by guiding them around objects like the mast, deck fittings, or other equipment.
  • Fairleads reduce friction and wear on the lines by preventing them from rubbing against sharp edges or other lines.
  • By positioning the fairlead strategically, sailors can control the angle at which the line pulls on the sail, improving performance and efficiency.
  • Ensuring an organized deck layout to keep lines organized and prevent them from tangling.


  • Impact-resistant U.V. stabilised Nylon
  • Stainless steel liner


  • Weight: 2gm
  • Fastener Hole Ø: 3mm X 2
  • Internal Hole Ø: 6.5mm