Ronstan Wedge Kit for cam cleat -small

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Ronstan Wedge Kit for Cam Cleat -small

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Ronstan Wedge Kit for Cam Cleat -small

Wedge kit to suit small C-Cleat and small T-Cleat


Wedges (A) are stackable for greater angles or to act as a riser.

Stack wedges (A) to raise the height of cleats or to correct mounting alignment at 11, 22, and 33 degrees

You will need to use multiple wedge kits (A & B) if the cleat angle required is greater than 11 degrees.

The wedge component (A) matches the base of the cleat and has locking pips to allow for stacking.

The smaller component is a backing plate (B) which is to be mounted under the deck to distribute load and help align the nuts with the angle of the fasteners.

See the image for further details on the correct setup of these parts.


  • Weight: 5g
  • Colour: Black