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V Cleat -open

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V Cleat -open

This Ronstan V cleat is a simple and popular piece of hardware on dinghies and smaller yachts for securing lines.

It's known for its durability, affordability, and ease of use.


  • Width: 12mm
  • Length: 48mm
  • Weight: 9gm
  • Fastener Ø: 4mm X 2
  • Hole-to-hole space: 36mm
  • Rope capacity Ø: 3mm-6mm


  • It has a V-shaped opening at the top and two holes at the base for mounting.


  • PTFE impregnated abrasion resistant, glass and carbon fibre composite cleats


  • The main function of a V cleat is to hold a line under tension by wedging it securely within the V-shaped opening.
  • Ideal for moderate loads

To secure the line:

  • Insert the line into the open end of the V.
  • Pull the line tight to create tension and push it further into the V.
  • The line gets wedged by the V-shaped profile, gripping it firmly.
  • To release the line, simply push the cleat pin to loosen the grip and pull the line out.


This V is great for purposes on dinghies and smaller yachts:

  • Securing halyards: Lines used to raise and lower sails.
  • Sheeting lines: Lines used to control the angle of sails.
  • Control lines for other systems: Vang lines, reefing lines, etc.
  • Temporary lines: Securing fenders, dock lines, etc.


  • Simple and easy to use: No complex mechanisms, making them user-friendly even for beginners and long-lasting
  • Affordable: Generally less expensive than other line-securing options.
  • Durable: Strong construction withstands harsh marine environments.
  • Lightweight: Doesn't add significant weight to the boat.
  • Versatility: Used for various control lines and temporary applications.

Not suitable for high loads: Not ideal for lines experiencing very high tension.

Line size limitations: ØRope size capacity 3-6mm

Can wear out and lose grip: Over time and constant use and environment exposure, the V shape can deform, reducing effectiveness so check for wear.