Boom Hanger

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Boom Hanger


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Boom Hanger -small

This Ronstan boom hanger provides a solution to attach blocks for rigging systems to facilitate efficient and safe boom swing and adjustment.

Ideal for small boats like dinghies, catamarans, and small keelboats.

Strip boom Hanger Features:

  • Flat, elongated strip with holes for attachment
  • Raises and lowers the boom with mechanical advantage using a block and tackle system.
  • Easier lifting, especially for heavier booms or boats with limited deck space.
  • Requires small blocks with a sheave and attached hook or snap/loop system.


  • Plate Width: 11mm
  • Length: 64mm
  • Plate Thickness: 1mm
  • Weight: 20gm
  • Fastener hole Ø: 5mm X 4
  • 316 Stainless steel