Ronstan Leech Tails

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Ronstan Leech Tails

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Ronstan Leech Tails

Set of 3 Tails with self-adhesive tabs to attach to the aft edge of your sails.

Leech Tails function as visual indicators for airflow focusing on the leech of the sail -the trailing edge or leech

The leech of a sail plays a crucial role in generating lift, the force that propels the sailboat forward.

Leech Tails provide an Indicator of Airflow -the behavior of the leech provides visual clues to sailors about the airflow over the sail, helping with sail trim adjustments.

The leech's tension and overall shape significantly influence the sail's efficiency.

Leech Tails can provide a visual assessment of:

  • Leech Line:? -the control line running along or embedded within the leech of some sails. It allows for tension adjustments, affecting the sail's shape and twist.
  • Leech Twist:? -the degree of curvature or twist along the leech of a sail. Tightening the leech can flatten the sail while easing it induces more twist.
  • Leech Flutter:? -when the leech vibrates or flutters, this can indicate turbulent or stalled airflow, leading to a loss of sail efficiency.


  • Packet of 3
  • Red nylon tape tails
  • White self-adhesive tab
  • Wipe sail edge clean before placement of tab