Spinnaker Pole End

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Spinnaker Pole End -21mm

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Spinnaker Pole End -21mm

Ronstan's spinnaker pole end is ideal on a small dinghy.

This spinnaker pole end is a specialised fitting attached to the end of your boat's spinnaker pole - a spar used to support and control the spinnaker sail when downwind sailing.


  • Secures the spinnaker sheet: The end fitting has a hook for attaching the spinnaker sheet, the line used to control the sail's angle and tension.
  • Manufactured from tough, abrasion-resistant Nylon for minimum weight and corrosion resistance.
  • Tough, abrasion-resistant Nylon body. Grade 316 stainless steel plunger pin & spring
  • Snap-on beak design allows attachment to the pole ring without manually opening the pin.
  • Attachment point for pin release lines.


  • To fit pole diameter: 21mm
  • Connection: up to 8mm

Using the spinnaker pole end:

  • Attach the spinnaker sheet: Secure the sheet's loop or shackle to the designated point on the end fitting.
  • Hoist the spinnaker: Raise the spinnaker sail using its dedicated halyard.
  • Control the sail: Adjust the spinnaker sheet tension and angle to manage the sail's shape and power depending on wind conditions and sailing course.
  • Ensure the end fitting matches the diameter and material of your spinnaker pole.
  • This spinnaker pole end ensures simplicity and accessibility of the attachment points for the spinnaker sheet and other lines.