Wind Indicator -250mm vane

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Wind Indicator -250mm Vane

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Wind Indicator -250mm Vane

The Windex WX10C helps you understand where the wind is coming from relative to your boat's direction (the apparent wind). This is crucial information for sail trim and steering.

Knowing the apparent wind direction allows you to trim your sails accurately. By adjusting the sails to achieve optimal flow over them this will lead to greater speed and efficiency.

Avoid sailing directly downwind (running) or too far into the wind (stalling), as both can slow you down.

Wind direction information helps you make strategic choices about your course relative to the wind so this makes the WX10c essential on your smaller yacht

The Windex WX10C vane's sensitivity helps you detect slight changes in wind direction that may indicate upcoming wind shifts. This allows for anticipatory sail and course adjustments.


  • The WX10C provides highly accurate and responsive readings of real-time wind direction
  • The WX10C is built for the marine environment and withstands salt, water, and sun exposure.
  • The WX10C has a prominent red vane and is balanced design to make it easy to read the wind direction at a glance.


  • The Windex WX10C should be mounted high on the mast for unobstructed airflow and maximum visibility
  • Medium unfixed 250mm bracket for a vertical or horizontal mount.
  • Allow for vane length: 250mm
  • Weight: 40grams