Fleece Balaclava

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  • Micro fleece
  • Ideal for sailing
  • Black

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Product Information

Fleece Balaclava for sailing


100% polyester micro fleece.

Lightweight and thermal.

This balaclava's primary use in sailing is for warmth, especially in cold weather sailing conditions.

Designed to protect your head, ears, neck, mouth and lower face area allowing full visibility.

It will provide wind protection in those icy winds that make the chill unbearable and concentration goes overboard.

This sail-bal-clava is adjustable to keep the wind out and the warmth trapped inside.

Make sure you adjust it to fit comfortably. Ideal for those coldest of days or for those sailors who really feel the chill.


Wash after wear to remove salt and perspiration

Cold Machine wash and thorough rinse 

Quick drying.