Sailing Flag Codes -Yacht Race Signals

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Sailing Flag Codes -Yacht Race Signals

-Vinyl Decal

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Product Information

Sailing Flag Codes -Yacht Racing Signals

  • Printed waterproof vinyl decal using UV resistance ink.
  • Clear and crisp printing.
  • A convenient reference to place in your cock pit or cabin.

Racers need to be familiar with the relevant codes, including RRS, World Sailing Regulations, and the specific class rules of their boat, to ensure they adhere to the rules and participate in fair and safe competitions.

Codes are an important part of sailing:

  • Fairness and Consistency: Codes ensure a level playing field for all competitors, making racing about skill and strategy rather than equipment or rule loopholes.
  • Safety: Regulations promote safety standards for both sailors and boats.
  • Global Understanding: International codes help standardize the sport of sailing around the world, making it possible to organize and compete in events across different countries and regions.

Where to Find Sailing Race Codes:

  • World Sailing Website: ( offers the RRS, World Sailing Regulations, and other relevant documents.
  • Class Association Websites: Individual class associations typically publish their class rules on their websites.


  • Length: 360mm
  • Height: 160mm