SailMakers Palm

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SailMakers Palm

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SailMakers Palm

A sailmaker's palm is also known as a sailor's palm thimble.

It is a type of glove worn by sail makers and anyone repairing sails and splicing or whipping rope and a thimble is required to press a needle head into whilst pulling through the thread.

It serves two crucial purposes:

  • Protection:
    • It protects the user's hand from punctures and abrasions while pushing the needle through thick and tough sailcloth materials.
    • The palm protects the thumb from rope burns and blisters when using the palm's thimble for roping tasks.
  • Grip and Leverage:
    • The palm often features a metal thimble on the underside, positioned below the thumb.
    • This thimble provides a smooth, hard surface for pushing the needle against, creating leverage, and facilitating easier penetration through the sailcloth.

Here's how to use the palm:

  • Put on the palm, ensuring the thimble is positioned under the thumb.
  • Thread the needle with waxed sailcloth thread.
  • Hold the sailcloth or splice to whip between the palm and your other hand.
  • Push the needle through the sailcloth using the thimble as a fulcrum.
  • Pull the thread through and repeat the process to create the stitch.

Sailmaker's palms are essential tools for anyone working with sails or whipping ropes to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency during repairs and maintenance.

Our Sail Makers sewing palm is for medium duty and is made of leather with an adjustable buckle. It has a stitched-fitted metal thimble with lining support.

Made in the UK.

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