Mylar Tape -50mm -clear

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Mylar Repair Tape -Clear

Width: 50mm Length: 2M

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Product Information

Mylar Tape -Clear

Mylar repair tape is commonly used for repairing tears or punctures in Mylar sails, which are a type of sail made from a lightweight, durable polyester film.

This tape provides a strong and flexible solution for patching small damages to the sail material, ensuring that it remains watertight and aerodynamically efficient.

Additionally, Mylar repair tape can also be used for temporary repairs on other items such as camping gear, tents, or inflatable objects made from similar materials.

Mylar repair tape is primarily used for temporary or semi-permanent repairs to mylar and other thin, flexible materials.

Here are its key applications:

  1. Sail and awning repair:
  • Mylar is a common material in sails and awnings, and the tape is perfect for patching small tears, punctures, or abrasions. It's especially useful for quick repairs on the go, allowing continued use until a permanent fix can be applied.
  1. Clear window repair:
  • Mylar repair tape can also be used to fix tears or cracks in clear plastic windows, such as those found in tents, boat enclosures, or greenhouses. Its transparency ensures minimal visual disruption.
  1. Also for other thin material temporary repairs:

The tape's versatility extends beyond mylar and clear plastic.

It can mend rips or leaks in various thin, flexible materials like:

  • Balloons: Patching small holes to keep the party going.
  • Camping gear: Fixing tears in tents, inflatable sleeping pads, or pool floats.
  • Arts and crafts projects: Creating temporary fixes or decorative elements.

Special features:

  • Transparency: Most mylar repair tapes are clear, making them almost invisible on clear surfaces.
  • Water resistance: They often have good water resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications.
  • UV resistance: Some tapes offer UV protection, extending their lifespan and preventing further damage to the repaired material.


  • Remember that mylar repair tape is usually a temporary solution. While it can extend the life of your equipment, permanent repairs are recommended for larger tears or long-term use.
  • Different types of mylar repair tape exist, each with varying adhesive strengths and material compatibility. Choose the tape best suited for your specific needs.
  • Ensure the area where the tape will be placed is clean. Wash away salt, grease or dirt then rinse. When dry wipe over the surface with alcohol to maximise adhesion.