PSP Sail Repair Tape -100mm -White

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PSP Sail Repair Tape

-for temporary mainsail repairs W:100mm X L:2M -WHITE

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Product Information

PSP Sail Repair Tape -Width 100mm Length: 2M -WHITE

PSP sail repair tape is specifically designed for repairing tears, punctures, or abrasions on mainsails used in sailing boats and smaller yachts.

It is a strong and durable adhesive tape that adheres well to sailcloth materials, providing a reliable and waterproof seal to the damaged areas.

PSP sail repair tape is typically made from a high-quality, UV-resistant material to ensure longevity and performance in harsh marine environments.

It is an essential tool for sailors to quickly and effectively address minor damages to their sails, helping to maintain the integrity and performance of their sailing equipment.

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape:

  • Material:
    • Self-adhesive polyamide fabric tape
  • Use:
    • Repairing small tears,?cracks,?and abrasions in sails made from various materials like Dacron,?nylon,?and polyester.?This is the go-to tape for quick onboard repairs.
  • Strength:
    • Provides a strong,?long-lasting repair that can withstand moderate loads and weather conditions.
  • Flexibility:
    • Conforms well to the sail's shape,?ensuring a smooth and effective patch.
  • Water resistance:
    • Repels water to prevent further damage from moisture.
  • Ease of use:
    • Self-adhesive and requires no additional tools or preparation,?making it ideal for emergency repairs.

Additional points to note:

PSP tapes are temporary repair solutions and shouldn't be considered permanent fixes.

For major damage, professional repairs are recommended.

Ensure the area where the tape will be placed is clean. Wash away salt, grease or dirt then rinse. When dry wipe over the surface with alcohol to maximise adhesion.