Spinnaker Repair Tape -RED

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Spinnaker Repair Tape -RED

Width: 50mm

Length: 4.5M

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Product Information

Spinnaker Repair Tape

Spinnaker repair tape is a specialized adhesive tape designed specifically for temporarily repairing tears, punctures, or abrasions in spinnaker sails ensuring that the repaired areas remain secure and watertight during use.

Spinnakers are large, lightweight sails used in downwind sailing to catch wind from behind the boat, and they are typically made from lightweight and delicate materials such as nylon or polyester so repair is often necessary and requires a lighter weight tape than sail tape.

Here's what spinnaker repair tape is typically used for:

  • Patching small to medium tears and rips: Its strong, tear-resistant ripstop nylon construction can handle larger tears compared to standard sail repair tape.
  • Reinforcing seams and edges: Applying the tape along seams or edges can prevent them from fraying or tearing further.
  • Fixing small holes and punctures: Spinnaker repair tape can effectively seal up small holes and punctures, keeping the sail airtight and allowing it to maintain its shape.

Key benefits of using spinnaker repair tape:

  • Lightweight: This doesn't add significant weight to the sail, which is crucial for maintaining optimal performance.
  • Flexible: Conforms well to the sail's shape, ensuring a smooth and effective patch.
  • Water-resistant: Repels water to prevent further damage from moisture.
  • Easy to use: Self-adhesive and requires no special tools or preparation, making it ideal for quick onboard repairs.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Spinnaker repair tape is a temporary solution and shouldn't be considered a permanent fix.
  • For major damage professional repairs are recommended.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application and best results.