Splicing Fid -Pack of 2

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Splicing Fid -Pack of 2

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Splicing Fid -Pack of 2

Pack of 2 Selma Fids

(also known as splicing needles)

2 Sizes in Pack: 4mm and 5.5mm

Suitable for ropes Ø4mm to 6mm

Both are ideal for dinghies and smaller yachts to create very neat spliced end connections on sailing lines.

The fids are made from polished stainless steel for strength and a smooth insertion into the rope.

These Fids are slender tools that help thread and manipulate rope fibres during the splicing process.

They assist in separating strands, guiding them into position, and securing them tightly.

The diameter size of the fid needs to be slightly smaller than the diameter of the rope being spliced to facilitate smooth insertion and manipulation of the rope fibres.

Selma Fids enable efficient and precise manipulation of rope fibres, leading to strong and secure splices.

The stainless steel construction provides durability, strength, and corrosion resistance, crucial for the harsh marine environment.

Learning proper splicing techniques with the right fid size is crucial for creating secure, neat and reliable rope connections in sailing and other applications.

YouTube is a great resource along with Rope Skill textbooks.

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