16 Plait Rope -4mm Black -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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16 Plait Rope -4mm

Product Information

16 plait dinghy braid rope

Also known as 16 plait polyester braid.

This is a high-quality rope but extremely economical. 

Breaking Load: 4mm 360kg

It has been specifically designed for use in nautical applications:

  • Material:
    • Constructed with a braided polyester outer cover, offering high strength and durability.
    • Inner core is twisted polyester.
  • Properties:
    • Low stretch: Elongates minimally under load, ensuring consistent performance and maintaining line tension.
    • Easy to handle: Despite its strength, the material remains relatively soft and pliable, allowing for smooth handling and knotting.
    • UV resistance: Treated with UV stabilizers to withstand prolonged sun exposure without significant degradation.
  • Applications:
    • Primarily used in sailing and boating:
      • Halyards: Ropes used to hoist and control sails.
      • Control lines: Traveler lines, cunningham lines, outhauls, and downhauls. 

Here's a summary of the key points:

  • Strong and durable due to double braided polyester construction.
  • Low stretch for consistent performance under load.
  • Flexible and easy to handle.
  • UV resistant for lasting use.
  • Ideal for various applications in sailboats and dinghies.

While not directly related to the braiding process, the number "16" likely refers to the number of strands in the outer cover, contributing to the rope's overall strength.