Bungee Cord -Black 2mm -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Bungee Cord -Black 2mm

Select 5m, 10m or 15m pre-cut lengths

Product Information

Bungee Cord -Black 2mm


  • Polyester Jacket / multi-end rubber core
  • Solid black or white with blue fleck
  • Premium marine grade multi strand elastic core
  • High Tenacity polyester covers with a fine plait smooth construction
  • Offering long life wear resistance to abrasion & UV degradation
  • Consistently allows over 100% elongation & recovery

Shock cord, also known as bungee cord or elastic cord, is a type of cord or rope that is made from an elastic rubber material and encased in a polyester braided outer sheath. 

The use of shock cord is to provide elasticity and flexibility to various applications, including sailing. 

Useful in sailing for several reasons:

  • Tensioning and securing:
    • Shock cord is used to create tension and secure various elements of the sailing rigging and equipment. It can be used to hold down sails, secure halyards and sheets, and keep various components in place.
  • Reducing shock and vibration:
    • As the name suggests, shock cord is excellent at absorbing and dampening shocks and vibrations. This is particularly useful in sailing to prevent sudden jerks or impacts that could damage equipment or cause injury to crew members.
  • Adjustment and flexibility:
    • Sailors often need to make quick adjustments to rigging and other components. Shock cord allows for easy adjustment while maintaining tension. It can be stretched and secured in place, and when released, it reverts to its original length.
  • Reducing wear and tear:
    • By absorbing shocks and vibrations, shock cord can help reduce wear and tear on various parts of a sailing vessel, such as rigging and hardware. This can extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce maintenance requirements.
  • Safety:
    • In emergency situations, shock cord can be used to secure loose equipment, preventing it from causing damage or injury during rough weather or unexpected maneuvers.

Here's how shock cord is commonly used in sailing:

  1. Sail Control: Shock cord is often used to secure sails in the furled or stowed position. For example, it may be used to hold a loose jib or mainsail in place on the deck or boom. 
  2. Halyard Tension: Shock cord can be attached to hold halyards (ropes used to raise sails) away from the mast and prevent the halyard from flapping or banging that causes wear..
  3. Boom Vang: Shock cord can be used in the boom vang system to pull rope falls out of the way when not being used.
  4. Deck and Cockpit Organization: Shock cord can be used to secure various items on the deck or in the cockpit, such as life jackets, fenders, or small equipment and on the ends of control lines to keep things taught so they don’t tangle.
  5. Trampoline and Netting: On catamarans or trimarans, shock cord is often used to create flexible trampolines or netting between the hulls, providing a comfortable and secure surface for crew members to move around on.


In all these applications, shock cord is valued for its elasticity, durability, and ability to maintain tension while accommodating movement and shocks, making it an essential part of sailing equipment.