D Splicer Needle F10

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D Splicer Needle -F10

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D Splicer Needle -F10 Extra Small

The D-splicer needle is a specialized tool used for splicing ropes in sailing and other applications.

It features a unique D-shaped tip that helps with specific splicing techniques.


  • The double needle has a D-shaped end. The two prongs grip the rope fibres, similar to a clamp.
  • The needle is long to allow for threading and manipulating the rope fibres further into the core of the rope.
  • It is made of stainless steel for strength, durability and corrosion resistance in the marine environment.
  • There are multiple sizes available so it is important to select the correct one to accommodate different rope diameters.
    • F-10: <2 mm single braided or 4mm double braided
    • F-15: 2-4mm single braided or 4-8mm double braided
    • F-20: 4-6mm single braided or 10-16mm double braided
    • F-25: 6-8mm single braided or 16-20mm double braided

D-splicer needles are particularly helpful for:

  • Pulling a core from a braided rope:
    • The D-shaped tip grips the core and allows pulling it out for splicing with another rope or back into itself.
  • Creating eye splices:
    • The needle aids in guiding the core back through the braid to create a secure loop at the end of the rope.
  • Splicing ropes with small diameters:
    • The D-shaped tip provides better grip and control compared to traditional fids (splicing needles) for smaller ropes.
  • Pulling a rope back over itself:
  • Use with braided lines to assist with dragging the braid back over the splice


  • Improved grip and control:
    • The D-shaped tip offers better grip and control over the rope fibres compared to traditional fids, especially for smaller diameters.
  • Eases specific splices:
    • The design facilitates pulling cores and creating eye splices more effectively.
  • Durability and corrosion resistance:
    • Stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance in harsh environments


  • Needle Length: 180mm
  • For rope SizeØ: <2 mm single braided or 4mm double braided