Dinghy Mainsheet Rope 7mm Red -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Dinghy Mainsheet Rope

Product Information

Dinghy Mainsheet Rope -7mm

Dinghy Sheet is a firm and round universal dinghy sheet with a durable Polyester / Polyamide cover. 

It is an ideal and economical all-around sheet line for dinghies and smaller yachts.

Made by Robline in Austria for world wide sailing conditions.

Its pre-stretched Polyester core keeps this rope firm and round and reduces the tendency to twist. Dinghy sheet is an inexpensive entry into high-tech ropes, perfect for sheets on small and medium-sized dinghies and smaller yachts.

7mm dinghy sheet rope specifically refers to a type of 16 plait polyester braid rope designed for use in dinghies and small sailboats.


  • Core: Polyester
  • Cover: Polyester/Polyamide 
  • Field of use: sheet
  • Breaking load: 600kg
    • Colour:
      • Outer Braid:
        • Red with grey
      • Braided Core:
        • White


  • Material:
    • Constructed with a braided outer cover made of polyester and a water repellant polyamide for lightness increased strength and durability.
    • Inner core is prestretched braided polyester, often consisting for additional strength.
  • Properties:
    • High strength: The 16 plait braid offers superior strength compared to simpler braids, making it suitable for handling the loads encountered in dinghy sailing.
    • Low stretch: Minimal elongation under load ensures consistent performance and precise sail control.
    • Easy to handle: Despite its strength, the braided construction allows for relatively smooth handling and knotting.
    • UV resistant: Treated to withstand prolonged sun exposure without significant degradation.
  • Applications in dinghy sailing:
    • Primarily used for:
      • Sheets: Lines used to adjust the angle of the sail.

Key points:

  • Ideal for dinghies: 7mm diameter provides a good balance between handleability and weight, making it suitable for the size and loads encountered in dinghy sailing.
  • Safer option: Compared to lower grade ropes, 16 plait construction offers superior strength and minimal stretch, crucial for maintaining sail control and safety in potentially rough conditions.
  • Size: While 7mm is a common size for dinghies, larger 8mm might be needed for bigger boats.
  • Breaking strength: Always ensure the chosen rope has a breaking strength exceeding the expected loads it will encounter. Consult with sailing professionals or marine equipment suppliers for recommendations based on your specific boat and sailing conditions.

7mm dinghy sheet rope is a recommended choice for sheets, due to its:

  • High handleability for handling loads.
  • Low stretch for precise sail control.
  • Durability for long-lasting use.