Dyneema Rope -HiSpec Grey 2mm -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Dyneema Rope -HiSpec 2mm


Product Information

Dyneema Rope -HiSpec 2mm

Made by Robline in Austria.

This single-braid 12-strand rope based on a Dyneema® / Robtec fiber mix is preset and coated for the highest performance.

The lay length of fibres is optimized for low constructional stretch and easy splicability.

Ocean 3000 can be used in a wide range of applications. 

Charcoal colour

2mm is easy to knot to connect to shackles and fittings.


  • Material: Dyneema® /Robtec fiber mix
  • Field of use: replacement for wire, trim
  • Breaking load to 2mm diameter: 400kg

Dyneema rope, also known as Dyneema line or Dyneema cord, is a synthetic rope made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. 

Dyneema is a brand name for this specific type of material, and it is known for its exceptional strength, and lightweight nature. The fibres have been heat-treated to create strength and low stretch.

Dyneema ropes are widely used in sailing for various applications due to these advantageous properties. 

  • Strength: Dyneema ropes are incredibly strong for their weight. They have a very high tensile strength, making them suitable for a wide range of sailing applications where strength and durability are essential.
  • Low Stretch: Dyneema has minimal stretch compared to traditional ropes made of materials like nylon. Low stretch is crucial for maintaining sail shape and optimizing performance in sailing.
  • Lightweight: Dyneema ropes are significantly lighter than traditional ropes made of steel, wire, or even other synthetic materials like polyester. This lightweight property reduces the overall weight of the rigging and can improve the boat's speed and handling.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Dyneema is resistant to abrasion, in applications where ropes may rub against sharp edges, winches, or other surfaces it is advised to use a polyester covered version of this line. 

Applications of Dyneema rope in sailing include:

  • Halyards: Dyneema halyards are used to hoist and control sails, including the mainsail and headsail. The low stretch characteristics help maintain proper sail tension.
  • Control Lines: Dyneema is used for various control lines on a sailboat, including vang lines, cunningham lines, and outhaul lines.
  • Backstays: Dyneema backstays provide support for the mast, helping control mast bend and sail shape.