Floating Rope -8mm Purple -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Floating Rope -8mm

Product Information

Floating Rope -8mm

Colour: Purple with blue fleck

  • Made from Mastron 100% polypropylene which makes it float
  • 16 Plait cover
  • Does not absorb water reducing overall weight
  • It’s much softer and easier to handle than conventional coarsely-braided rope.

A "float rope or floating rope" refers to a rope or line that has some buoyancy or flotation properties. It is used for various purposes in sailing, primarily for safety and convenience. 

It is not designed for load bearing  -instead it designed for floatation and easy handling.


  1. Man Overboard (MOB) Recovery: One of the most critical uses of float ropes is in Man Overboard (MOB) recovery situations. If a crew member falls overboard, a float rope can be quickly thrown or deployed overboard to provide them with something to grab onto. The buoyancy of the float rope helps the person stay afloat and provides a lifeline back to the boat.
  2. Marking Hazards: Float ropes can be used to mark underwater hazards, such as rocks, reefs, or submerged objects. By attaching a buoyant float to the rope and lowering it into the water, sailors can create a visual marker to help avoid these hazards.
  3. Retrieving Items Overboard: If something valuable (e.g., a hat, sunglasses, or a small piece of equipment) goes overboard, a float rope with a float attached can make it easier to retrieve the item. The buoyancy of the float keeps the object at or near the water's surface, making it visible and easier to grab.
  4. Towing and Line Handling: Float ropes can also be used when towing dinghies or other small boats behind the main vessel. They help keep the towed boat afloat and prevent the towline from sinking or becoming entangled.
  5. Mooring and Anchoring: In some cases, float ropes may be used as part of a mooring or anchoring system. They can help indicate the location of the mooring or anchor line on the surface, making it easier to retrieve or secure.

When using a float rope, it's important to choose one with sufficient buoyancy to support its intended use. Typically, float ropes are made with materials that are naturally buoyant, or they may have foam or other buoyant materials integrated into them.

In a MOB situation, it's essential to practice MOB drills and have the necessary equipment, including float ropes, readily accessible on the boat.

Proper training and preparedness are critical for responding effectively to such emergencies and ensuring the safety of everyone on board.