Marlow Whipping Twine No 4 Red

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Marlow Whipping Twine No 4 -Red

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Marlow Whipping Twine No 4 -Red

  • Marlow's Wax Polyester Whipping Twine is widely regarded as the best whipping twine on the market.
  • The waxed finish makes for easier whipping and a better finish allowing the twine to smoothly move.


  • Whipping Rope Ends:
    • Prevents unraveling by tightly wrapping the twine around the end of the rope, it prevents the individual strands from fraying and maintains the rope's strength and integrity.
  • Improves grip and handling:
    • The smooth, whipped finish creates a comfortable and secure grip for easier handling, especially when working with wet or dirty ropes.
  • Protects against wear and tear:
    • The twine acts as a barrier, shielding the rope's inner fibres from abrasion and environmental damage, extending its lifespan.
  • Finishing decorative knots:
    • Whipping can add a neat and finished look to decorative knots used for aesthetic purposes on boats or other applications.

Marlow No. 4 Whipping Twine is typically used for ropes up to 18mm (0.71 inches) in diameter.

The twine is made from waxed polyester providing good strength, water resistance, and ease of handling.

The whipping technique involves tightly wrapping the twine around the rope end in a specific pattern, creating a secure and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Many online tutorials and resources demonstrate the whipping technique for visual learners.


  • Content: Polyester twisted yarn
  • Twine Ø: 0.8m.
  • Reel Length: 41M

Also available in White and Black