Pre-Stretch Rope 3 Strand 4mm White -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Pre-Stretch Rope 3 Strand 4mm

Product Information

Pre-Stretch Rope 3 Strand 4mm

Made by Marlo ropes in England.

Strong, tough and low-stretch, 3-Strand Pre-Stretched is easily spliced to wire and makes for a great traditional halyard. In addition, its hardwearing construction makes it a great low stretch, tough all-round rope. 


  • BL: 4mm = 583kg
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • Low elongation
  • Very easily spliced
  • Zero shrinkage

3 strand pre-stretch 4mm rope offers some improvements over regular 3 strand rope for dinghy applications, but  limitations still exist compared to 16 plait braid rope.This rope has been a regular solution for many who want spliced ends as this is its major feature.

  • Material:
    • Similar to regular 3 strand, it's made of twisted polyester fibers.
  • Pre-stretched:
    • Undergoes a pre-stretching process to reduce initial elongation. This minimizes the initial stretch that occurs when the rope is first used, leading to:
      • Improved line performance: Reduced slack compared to non-pre-stretched rope, allowing for better sail control.
      • Safer operation: Less line adjustment needed as the rope stretches less under load.
  • Applications in dinghy sailing (limited):
    • Non-critical control lines: Similar to regular 3 strand, it can be used for lines with lower stress like reefing lines or topping lifts.
    • Light-duty mooring: Due to the pre-stretching, it might be marginally better suited for calm conditions or temporary mooring in sheltered areas for small dinghies compared to non-pre-stretched rope.
  • Strength limitations: While pre-stretching improves initial performance, the core strength remains moderate. It's not recommended for critical applications like halyards or main sheets controlling the sail due to the potential for breakage under high loads.
  • Safety: Prioritize using ropes with adequate strength for the intended purpose, especially in dinghy sailing where unpredictable weather conditions can arise.

Compared to 16 plait braid:

  • Strength: Still significantly lower than 16 plait braid, which is crucial for critical lines.
  • Stretch: While pre-stretching helps, it doesn't eliminate stretch entirely. 16 plait braid offers superior low stretch performance.
  • Handling: Easier to knot and splice compared to 16 plait braid.


  • Natural white with fine red and black fleck