Sail Repair Kit

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The Neptune Sail Repair Kit

-an ideal handyman’s kit for those little repair jobs for any dinghy or smaller yacht.

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Product Information

The Neptune Sail repair kit

-an ideal handyman's kit for those little repair jobs for any dinghy or smaller yacht.

You will find this Neptune sail repair kit a handy collection of tools and materials to mend tears, rips, and other damage in your sails. It's an essential piece of equipment for any sailor, whether you're racing competitively or at leisure.

Here are some essential components you'll typically find in a sail repair kit:

  • Sail needles: These specialized needles are designed for sewing sailcloth, with blunt tips that won't puncture the fabric. They come in various sizes depending on the weight and thickness of the sail material.
  • Waxed sewing thread: The thread is treated with wax to repel water and resist UV degradation, ensuring the repairs hold up under harsh marine conditions.
  • Sail Palm: Use to protect your hand while pushing the needle through the sailcloth.
  • Beeswax: to run thread trough and for your needle

This is a great starter kit with the basic components to allow you to tackle most minor sail repairs effectively.

Remember, regular inspection and preventive maintenance are key to keeping your sails in good condition.

Even the most vigilant sailor will encounter occasional damage.

Having a well-equipped sail repair kit will ensure you're prepared to handle these situations and get back on the water quickly and safely.


Sealed Pack comprises:

  • 1 x standard right-hand sail palm
  • 1 x plastic tube of 5 assorted sail needles
  • 1 x reel of waxed sewing thread
  • 1 X block of beeswax.