Splicing Fid -Traditional -larger

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Splicing Fid -Traditional

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Splicing Fid -Traditional Design

Swedish design splicing fid.

Stainless open groove spike with a solid plastic handle.

Proficiency in splicing comes with practice. Start with smaller ropes and simpler splices to build skills.

Choose a fid size slightly smaller in diameter than the rope being spliced.

This style of traditional fid is best used with classic three-strand rope.

Select the appropriate rope based on the size and intended use.

Use whipping twine for securing the ends, finishing the splice, and providing an extra neat finish.


  • Fid length: 280mm
  • Handle: Plastic for no swelling or dampness
  • Fid: 316 Stainless Steel

Simple How To Use Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Rope End:
    • Unlay the strands: Untwist the three strands for a length of about 5-6 fid lengths.
    • Tape the ends: Securely tape the ends of each strand to prevent further unraveling.
  2. Creating the Eye:
    • Bend the rope: Form a loop of the desired size at the end of the rope.
    • Mark the fid: With the loop held tight, mark one fid length from the point where the standing part (the portion not being spliced) meets the loop.
  3. Insert the Fid:
    • Push into the core: Starting at the mark, carefully push the Swedish fid under 2-3 strands of the standing part.
    • Thread it through: Insert the fid completely through the core of the rope and out the other side.
  4. Begin the First Tuck:
    • Identify strand A: Pick one of the three untaped strands to begin the splicing process (let's call it Strand A).
    • Follow the lay: Insert Strand A through the opening created by the fid, following the natural lay (twist) of the rope. Pull it through tightly.
  5. Continue the Tucks:
    • Rotate the rope: Turn the entire rope (standing part and loop) about a half turn.
    • Second Tuck: Find the next opening under a strand, insert the following loose strand (let's say Strand B), and pull it through.
    • Third Tuck: Repeat the rotation and insert the last untaped strand (Strand C) into the final opening.
  6. Repeat the Tucking Process:
    • Tighten: For each additional tuck, pull the strands as tight as possible. Use a mallet to help tighten them if needed.
    • Continue for several tucks: Complete at least 3-4 full rounds of tucks (each round includes one tuck of each strand).
  7. Taper the Splice:
    • Reduce strands: For the next 2-3 full rounds, cut away one-third of each strand before inserting it.
    • Finish tapering: For the final 2-3 rounds, cut away two-thirds of each strand before tucking.
  8. Finish the splice:
    • Whip: Secure the ends of the splice with whipping twine or tape to prevent unravelling.