Stopper Ball 4mm Black

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Stopper Ball -Black

-takes up to 4mm line

Also known as Parrel beads, Rope stopper balls, Rope guide balls, and Tie balls

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Stopper Ball -Black

-Medium -up to 4mm rope or wire

Also known as Parrel beads, Rope stopper balls, Rope guide balls and Tie balls

Parrel beads are typically strung onto a rope or wire called a?parrel.?Used less often these days they remain a worthwhile asset to your rig.

The parrel then encircles a spar (like a mast or gaff) at a point where it needs to slide or rotate freely.

The beads roll between the spar and the parrel, reducing friction and allowing the spar to move smoothly up and down or rotate as needed. String a row onto a rope or wire and connect around your mast.

This is crucial for various actions like:

  • Raising and lowering sails: The gaff on a gaff-rigged boat must slide up and down the mast as the sail is hoisted or lowered. Parrel beads ensure smooth movement without excessive wear on the mast or gaff.
  • Sheeting a sail: As the sheet line pulls on the sail, the sail can twist slightly around the mast. Parrel beads allow this rotation to occur smoothly, contributing to optimal sail trim.
  • Preventing chafing and wear by creating a buffer between the spar and the parrel,?the beads?protect the spar from chafing and wear.?This is especially important for wooden spars,?which can be easily damaged by friction.
  • The smooth surface of the beads also helps to prevent fraying or unravelling of the parrel rope.


Guide / Stopper Balls

The use of these balls as stoppers provides a convenient way of tidying halyards and control line knots and can be used in many applications. In the old days, they were known as monkey fists.

Made from reinforced nylon, these balls feature a counterbore to house stopper knots and will keep the ball from travelling up the line.

Use to help prevent halyard shackles from jamming into blocks, prevent lines from running through cam cleats and clutches, improve the grip when pulling on a control line, or help with line identification thanks to several colour options.

  • Designed for up to 4mm diameter line
  • Reinforced nylon ball
  • Counterbore interior
  • Sold Individually
  • Available in multiple colours


Line Management: Stopper balls are tied at the end of a line to prevent them from slipping through a block or cleat unintentionally. This helps in managing the length and tension of lines used for controlling sails, rigging, or other equipment on a sailboat.

Safety: By acting as a stopper at the end of a line, stopper balls help prevent accidental loss of control or release of lines, which could result in equipment damage, injury, or loss overboard.

Identification: Stopper balls can be used as visual indicators to mark specific points or ends of lines, facilitating quick and easy identification during sail handling manoeuvres or rigging adjustments.

Tie Balls

Tie balls are handy to prevent fraying and unravelling.

The smooth surface of the tie ball helps to prevent the fibres of the rope or cord from fraying or unravelling,?extending its lifespan.?This is especially useful for natural fibre ropes such as jute,?sisal,?or hemp,?which are more prone to fraying.

Also good for ropes that are exposed to harsh environments such as saltwater,?sunlight?or abrasion.

Tie balls can be used to create a stop point on a rope or cord,?preventing it from moving further through a hole or mechanism.

Ideal for adjusting the tension of a line:?By sliding the tie ball up or down the line.

Great for creating a loop in a line by tying a knot inside the tie ball.

Also available in green, orange, red, blue, white and yellow