Whipping Twine Roll -Heavy Waxed

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Whipping Twine

-No. 4 Heavy Waxed

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Product Information

Whipping Twine -Heavy Waxed

Number 4 twine is ideal for whipping thicker ropes.

It provides a durable and robust whipping.

This polyester twine is coated in wax giving it a slightly sticky handle.

The wax coating makes it easier to slide through strands or to wrap/whip around the rope and tighten the whipping.

Once tightened and heated slightly with warm hands or the sun, the wax melts and helps bond the whipping in place for greater security.

The wax offers protection permitting some water and abrasion resistance to the finished splice.


  • White only
  • Length: 50M
  • Packed clear wrapped to prevent dust adhering to wax
  • Twine Ø: 0.9mm
  • Imported from a Taiwan rope maker.