Baltic Dinghy Pro Vest

$ 129.95

Baltic Dinghy Pro Vest -Black

Product Information

Baltic Dinghy Pro Vest

One of the most well-thought-out life jacket designs to suit the dinghy sailor available.

This lifejacket has been developed especially for dinghy sailing and is a favourite of many champions.


  • Front pocket with zipper.
  • Extra soft floating material at the front.
  • Super easy to put on and to take off using the zippered side section with a Velcro tab to prevent zip tab snag.
  • Velcro adjustment across the waist pulling from back towards the front for ease of access.
  • Size XS and S have a crotch strap attachment webbing loop.
  • 50 Newton buoyancy to meet Australian Sailing standards.

A 50N lifejacket keeps you afloat by a good margin but lacks a collar to support your head. It assumes that if you find yourself in the water you are a swimmer and can stay vertical by treading water and can hold onto your boat or board whilst you climb onboard again.

The buoyancy force is more evenly distributed between the front and back and therefore does not guarantee to turn an unconscious person to a supine position. 50N lifejacket is therefore recommended for swimmers who weigh at least 25kg.

Key Features:

  • Buoyancy 50 Newton
  • Airex foam buoyancy
  • Shorter model
  • Sizes 25kg and up
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Available in Red also for high visibility on the water

The buoyancy of a lifejacket is measured in the Newton unit. A lifejacket must have sufficient buoyancy to keep the user's airways above the surface. The vests are divided into different classes depending on the amount of buoyancy, though the actual Newton's number may vary depending on the size of the vest.