Safety Grab Bag

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Safety Grab Bag

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Safety Grab Bag

This Floatable bag is made of durable PU-coated Nylon fabric with a foam inner to assist with floatation and protect contents.

The signal yellow color supports easy identification.

Spray and splash-proof due to a rolled closure system with a velcro strap.

Adjustable strap for easy grab, transport, and slinging over your body.

Use a permanent marker to identify your name and that of your boat.

Washable and long-wearing.

It is important to regularly check your contents to ensure that they are all intact and of current use standard.

A safety grab bag, also known as an emergency grab bag, abandon ship bag, or ditch bag, is a vital piece of equipment containing essential items for survival in case of an emergency requiring abandoning the vessel.

This bag is pre-packed and readily accessible for immediate use and should be positioned in an easily reachable location.

Depending on the waters or the type of sailing you are doing will determine what is packed.

The objective is to pack the essential and critical things you and your crew may need in the event of an emergency such as capsize, collision, grounding or fire whilst you await rescue or retrieval.

The important essential for all types of boats is a first aid kit with an emphasis on injury if you are a dinghy sailor or smaller yacht sailor.

  • Waterproof Torch
  • Emergency rope length
  • Emergency food and water: Non-perishable, high-energy food and water rations sufficient for several days.
  • Signaling devices: Emergency flares, whistles, signal mirrors, and other tools to attract attention and signal for help.
  • Knife: Multipurpose knife for various uses
  • Thermal blankets: To help maintain body temperature in case of immersion in cold water.

If you are sailing a smaller yacht and planning to venture into open waters you will need to comply with local regulations and will be required to carry many other emergency requirements