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Junior Racing Cleat -Mark 1

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Clamcleat ™ Junior Racing Cleat Mark 1

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Clamcleat ™ Junior Racing Cleat. The Clamcleat™ CL211 Mk1 Racing Junior is a very strong alloy cleat. The fairlead guides the rope into the teeth. The specially shaped base means the CL211 Mk1 can be fitted to all curved and flat surfaces. Used on sailboats and racing dinghies, for spars and control lines. Also kayaks and sun sails. Materials: Aluminium with silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating. Dimensions: Rope Dia 3-6 mm hole centres: 66mm Length: 82 mm Width: 18 mm Height: 23 mm Bolt Size M5 Screw Size: 4.8 mm Weight: 34 g