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Racing Mini Cleat

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Clamcleat™ Racing Mini Cleat

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Clamcleat™ Racing Mini Cleat. Clamcleat™ CL222 is an elegant design in aluminium with a silver finish. The rope drops down into the teeth. It can be fitted to all flat and curved surfaces, using rivets, countersunk (flathead) screws or bolts. CL222 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating. The CL222 has many uses on sailing dinghies, such as control lines and halyards. The downloads tab has a leaflet about using the CL222 for dinghy halyards. Dimensions: Rope Dia 3-6 mm Hole centres: 36mm Length: 48 mm Width: 15 mm Height: 21 mm Bolt Size M5 Screw Size: 4.2 mm Weight: 16 g