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RULE 500 Automatic Computerised Bilge Pump

$ 169.00 inc GST

RULE fully automatic pump

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Rule brings the computer age to your boat’s bilge!! This fully automatic pump has all the features of a standard Rule submersible bilge pump but differs from the Rule pump / float switch combination as within the pump they automatically check for water every 2.5 minutes – if water is present the pump will continue to operate until the water is pumped out – when it will then automatically shut itself off. If no water is detected the pump will wait 2.5 minutes before testing for water presence again. These automatic pumps are ideal for ski boats where float switches are not viable for automatic operation due to pounding. It is important to be aware of battery life and re-charge as the checking process draws a small amount of power (0.2 amp hours per day) which over a long period may flatten batteries. A 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using a Rule switch panel. The automatic pump is in one complete water sealed housing and comes supplied withn a hose tail for20mm (3/4″) hose Pumps 31 litres per minute. 12 volt DC 1.6 amp. 20mm (3/4″) hose. 12 volt DC only – Cannot be run through 240v to 12v transformer. Compact Size: Height 107mm Width 74mm Depth 64mm (not including discharge)