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Series 30 All Purpose Block

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Ronstan Series 30 All Purpose Block -becket, loop head

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Ronstan Series 30 All Purpose Block -becket, loop head. Stainless steel cheeks and Acetal sheaves ensure a long service life with virtually no maintenance. Hollow rivets in the block heads can be fitted with shackles, which can also be used to add a becket for extra purchase. Use for vang, cunningham and trapeze retriever systems on dinghies and leech line tackles, bunk adjusters etc on larger yachts. Made from U.V. stabilised Acetal sheaves and Grade 316 stainless steel cheeks. Dimensions: Sheave Ø 29 mm Max. Rope Ø 8 mm M.W.L. 300 kg B. L. 600 kg Weight 25 g CLICK For More Information using a Ronstan Orbit Block