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Marine Sealant

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Elastomeric marine sealant is a superior multi-purpose marine grade sealant. It can replace the use of many other types of sealants including polyurethanes, polysulphides and silicone sealants. It also has the advantage of 3 year shelf life. Sudbury Elastomeric sealant adheres tenaciously to fibreglass, wood, metal, glass, Lexan plexiglass and other marine plastics. It is a one part, fast skinning ( Approx. 10 minutes ) product with superior strength, adhesion, elongation and long life characteristics. It will cure within 1 – 7 days depending on application and climate – can be wet sanded and painted after curing. Excellent flexibility & compression capabilities. Twists, bends, expands and compresses. It is the perfect sealant for heavy duty service above or below the waterline. It is surface resistant to salt water, teak cleaners, oil, petrol, diesel fuel. This product is not designed to be permanently in contact with fuels and it is not recommended for wood decking seams.