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Twilight of the Dawn by Peter Warner

$ 24.95 inc GST

Twilight of the Dawn

By Peter W Warner

Paperback, 128 pages

ISBN 9781922449207


"Many deep-sea sailors will relish the first two volumes of Peter Warner's autobiography." -Geoffrey Blainey

Now for the third volume!

In this third book of his three-part autobiography, Peter Warner returns to Australia in his 60’s to begin retirement but struggles to succeed in what is meant to be a quieter and more relaxed period.


More activities unravel enriching Peter with meaning, wisdom and life’s purpose. Following lessons learned during an unpredictable and wild ride of life's adventures it all starts to make sense....

Philosophical subjects arise embedded in his practical achievements.

Peter begins with building a mud-brick house and later becomes involved in developing nut orchards amongst other activities. His story ends with finally dropping anchor amongst the "Sea of Trees" in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

As our lives become saturated in information but starved of wisdom there is much to learn from an “old salt” enriched in life’s experiences.

Although projecting a Baha'i outlook on life, this book is an entertaining and deep read for everyone, whether spiritual or just pragmatic.

This is another entertaining read that will assist you to approach your own "Twilight of the Dawn".




“After my wife took Peter’s picture... he laid in my hands his draft memoirs.

I looked down at the front page, ‘Life has taught me a great deal’, it began, ‘including the lesson that you should always look for what is good and positive in people.”

-Humankind by Rutger C Bergman 2020