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Using the proper sail controls are essential for efficient sailing and safe navigation.

Sail control refers to the techniques and mechanisms used to adjust and manipulate the sails on a sailboat or sailing vessel in order to control its speed, direction, and overall performance.

So, use this to maximise your performance whilst sailing.

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Sailing blocks, also known as pulley blocks or simply “blocks” are essential components used in rigging and

tiller control

Tiller Control

Tiller control refers to a method of steering and controlling a boat, particularly small sailboats and some smaller yachts using a simple, horizontal bar or lever attached to the boat’s rudder.

boom mast

Boom & Mast

A “boom” and “mast” are essential components of a sail or yacht. These parts play crucial roles in controlling and harnessing the power of the wind to propel the vessel.


Wind Indicating

Wind indicators on a dinghy or smaller yacht, often referred to as “telltales” or “wind indicators,” are essential tools for sailors to determine wind direction and make informed sailing decisions.

winch handle

Winches & Handles

Sailing winches and winch handles are essential components of a smaller yacht’s rigging system that are used to control and adjust the tension on sails and lines making it easier to handle the loads created by the wind and to control the sailboat’s direction and speed.



Sailing rigging refers to the collection of ropes, wires, and other components used to support and control the sails on a sailing vessel. Proper rigging is essential for safe and effective sailing.

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