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Peter Warner autobiography trilogy

Tales of an incredible life ..... Astor –Adventures Ashore and Afloat At 17 years of age, Peter Warner ran away to sea. His family was aghast, pleading for his return to finish his schooling. But Peter was not ready for this. Adventure was running in his veins....

Safe Flare Use

Flares -using in distress While flares are an essential safety tool for drawing attention to your distress most boaters have never used one and many do not know how. Instructions are written on the packaging but when you need them it is pretty sure that light will be...

GMDSS -Global Marine Distress Safety System

Electronic Communication and Safety -or how to live with the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)   We all have mobile phones nowadays and the fact is you may make a call to tell someone you are in trouble on your boat. What happens though if you are out...

Working Up The Mast

Working Aloft The actual statistics are hard to obtain but anecdotal evidence suggests that about two yachtsmen die every year from mast climbing accidents. The following will assist to minimize the risks. Preparation It is recommended the climber wears long trousers...

Safety in enclosed spaces on boats and yachts

Safety in Enclosed Spaces in Water Craft There are particular hazards to boaters created by enclosed spaces. The most usual hazards are the uncontrolled introduction of liquids or gas, explosion or fire, and moving equipment. Boaters are no doubt familiar with the...

Caring for Inflatable Life-Jackets with Regular inspection.

Caring for Inflatable Life-Jackets with a Regular inspection. From a Safety point of view, there is a need to wear lifejackets at all times boating, when there is a heightened risk of ending up in the water. The inflatable lifejacket, or Personal Flotation Device...