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Wear ‘n Wash Face Masks

Wear 'n Wash MasksOur mask is a little thicker and more absorbent. We believe you either wear your mask or leave it behind –no in-betweens…. Taking your mask on and off exposes the risk of touch contamination. If you wear a mask and are regularly dropping it below...

CASTAWAYS and ISLAND ADVENTURES – Anchor Marine has your lockdown book needs covered.

​ CASTAWAYS and ISLAND ADVENTURES - Anchor has your lockdown book needs covered. Anchor Marine’s own Uncle Peter has been making waves around the world in the last month. The launch of new book ‘Humankind’ by Rutger Bregman awakened interest in Peter Warner's saving...

Captain Cook’s Tour of the World

Captain Cook's Tour of the World.Those of you that are stuck at home during the Corona shutdown are now getting a reminder of sharing confined spaces and may be looking for a good read ... I highly recommend it! April 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Cook’s...

Christopher Warner

Eight BellsAnchor Marine mourns the loss of Christopher Arthur Warner who has been a connection of ours since 1964 and a Director since 1993. Loving partner of Donna. Devoted father of Rodney, Robert and Richard. Beloved elder brother of Andrew and Timothy. Much...

Peter Warner autobiography trilogy

Tales of an incredible life ..... Astor –Adventures Ashore and Afloat At 17 years of age, Peter Warner ran away to sea. His family was aghast, pleading for his return to finish his schooling. But Peter was not ready for this. Adventure was running in his veins. Astor...

Safe Flare Use

Flares -using in distress While flares are an essential safety tool for drawing attention to your distress most boaters have never used one and many do not know how. Instructions are written on the packaging but when you need them it is pretty sure that light will be...