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Wear ‘n Wash Masks

Our mask is a little thicker and more absorbent.

We believe you either wear your mask or leave it behind –no in-betweens….

Taking your mask on and off exposes the risk of touch contamination.

If you wear a mask and are regularly dropping it below your nose you stand the risk to contaminate your hands and touch your face whilst re-applying so join the muffled brigade and stay Co-Vid safe.

Our masks are made from tightly woven cotton for the outside so you can mix and match with your outfits if you wish!

Inside is lined with a 3 mm non-woven absorbent cotton layer.

Along the top edge in the centre is a small “nose pincher” so you can squeeze it to assist with a top-line neat fit against your face.

Our elastic is knotted for fit  -you can tighten when required. The design allows for re-threading with new elastic or with tape/ribbon to tie at the back of your head if preferred. We understand that everyone is different and wearing masks is such a hugely personal thing so tolerances and preferences are essential.

All masks can cause your eyeglasses or sunnies to get a bit foggy. To minimise this try and make sure your mask is fitting neatly and smoothly across the top of your cheeks under your eyes and sit your eyewear on the top if possible. Fogging from time to time just has to be –wiggle your eyewear side arms whilst wearing but do not touch your mask once you have started touching other things when out.

We reckon good practice is to pop it on when you are about to leave home or in your car before you are about to enter an environment that is difficult to social distance eg; shopping, train or bus journey.

After you have completed your expedition and want to remove your mask, remove using the ear bands and place directly into a bucket of warm soapy water or straight into a zip-lock plastic bag ready for laundering when you return home.

Next, sanitize or wash your hands.

A good habit is to carry a spare clean mask in case you need to expose yourself again in a non “socially distanced” kind of way.

If you move about a lot and also use public transport then each trip will require a “freshy”.  These times require a little more planning so plan your mask use into this also.

… So no disposal just some constant washing/ laundering –but hey we are (or should be) doing plenty of that.

We did the Dr Norman Swan perfume spray test…  Pop on your mask and spray some fragrance about 30-50 cm in front of you and move into the stream. If you can only slightly smell it then you have a pretty good fit. That is a minimal aerosol is entering to your nose and most likely this will be from the top edge seal.

No mask is wonderful to wear. It isn’t normal but hey, these times certainly are not and most likely wearing a mask is becoming the new normal.

Our masks are made locally -Bayside -Melbourne in Victoria -all safely with compliance to current health advice regulations.

Give us some feedback below if your wish or let us know if you would like some customisation –size adjustment or back of head ties…  More than happy to assist as no 2 faces are the same.

Remember this is not a surgical mask.

Hang in there and take care ….

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