Split Cotter Ring Ø11mm

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Split Cotter Ring Ø: 11.1mm

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Product Information

Split Cotter Ring

Ronstan Split Cotter ring with leg bend is a widely used and crucial piece of hardware for securing pins, shafts, and other components in place.


  • Securing clevis pins: Connecting rigging components, control lines, and various pins in the boat's systems.
  • Holding shackles in place: Ensuring shackles stay closed and secure on critical connections.
  • Locking turnbuckles: Keeping turnbuckle threads from loosening under tension.
  • Securing other pins and shafts: Various applications involving attaching and securing components.


  • Simple and versatile: Easy to use and suitable for diverse tasks.
  • Affordable: A cost-effective solution for many securing needs.
  • Secure hold: Bent legs prevent the pin from disengaging accidentally and permit easier connection.

Reusable: Can be removed and reused multiple times if not bent excessively

Made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

Used to secure various fittings and components.

Often used in conjunction with clevis pins, shackles, and other fasteners to ensure that critical hardware remains in place.

  • Internal Ø: 11.1mm
  • Wire Ø: 1.3mm