Dinghy Control Line -4mm Red/White -Pre-Cut 5M, 10M or 15M

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Dinghy Control Line -Dyneema 4mm -White/Red


Product Information

Dinghy Control Line -Dyneema

Made by Robline in Austria -a well-known brand in the world of ropes and lines used in sailing.

A specially treated polyester cover covering a colored wax coated Dyneema® core makes this control line the standard for all kinds of low-stretch applications on dinghies and sports boats.

It is easily recognizable in complex boat-handling systems thanks to the colored core and is very durable thanks to its highly twisted Polyester yarns on the cover.

Dinghy control is a great choice wherever many color options in combination with various diameters are needed.


  • 4mm


  • White and red braided cover
  • Red Dyneema core


  • Core: Dyneema® 
  • Cover: Polyester 
  • Field of use: crossover
  • Breaking Load for to 4mm diameter: 700kg

The polyester cover provides excellent resistance to wear and sunlight and assists with handleability making them ideal for the demanding conditions of dinghy sailing.

Dinghy Control lines are used in sailing to adjust various aspects of the sail and rigging to control the boat's speed, direction, and sail shape.

Using various coloured Robline dinghy control lines will ensure reliability of strength and performance. In dinghy sailing, precise adjustments to your control lines are crucial for optimizing the boat's performance, especially in varying wind and sea conditions.


Dinghy control lines are typically used on smaller sailboats, such as dinghies and small racing boats. These lines serve various purposes, allowing sailors to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize the boat's performance and sail handling. Common uses for control lines include adjusting sail shape, by controlling twist, luff, and foot tension, and managing other sail control systems.

  • Outhaul Line: Used to adjust the tension of the sail's foot (bottom edge) along the boom, affecting the sail's shape and power.
  • Cunningham Line: Controls the tension in the sail's luff (front edge) to adjust the sail's shape and flatten it in strong winds.
  • Vang Line: Controls the tension in the boom's vang (or kicker) system, helping to control sail twist and prevent the boom from rising.
  • Traveler Line: Used to adjust the position of the mainsheet traveler, affecting the angle of the mainsail and the boat's balance.